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City Of Milwaukee vs Robinson, Bobby
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City Of Milwaukee vs Robinson, Bobby

May 22, 2020

NOTICE OF HEARING CCAP No.: 2020TP000073 2020TP000074 2020TP000075 STATE OF WISCONSIN*CIRCUIT COURT*CHILDREN'S DIVISION*MILWAUKEE COUNTY In the Interest of: AR Date of Birth: 11/08/2017 CCAP No.: 2020TP000073 In the Interest of: AR Date of Birth: 10/31/2018 CCAP No.: 2020TP000074 In the Interest of: BR Date of Birth: 09/07/2019 CCAP No.: 2020TP000075 A Children Under the Age of 18 To: Bobby Robinson 1608 S Union Street, Lower Milwaukee, WI 53204 And Bobby Robinson c/o Patricia Roberts 4531 N 65th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 Any Unknown Fathers of BR The Adjudicated Father of AR and AR The Alleged Father of BR Information regarding the above-named children is as follows: Name: AR Date of Birth: 11/08/2017 Place of Birth: Wauwatosa, WI Date of Conception: 1/26/17-3/27/17 Place of Conception: Unknown Name: AR Date of Birth: 10/31/2018 Place of Birth: Milwaukee, WI Date of Conception: 1/18/18-3/19/18 Place of Conception: Unknown Name: BR Date of Birth: 09/07/2019 Place of Birth: Milwaukee, WI Date of Conception: 11/25/18-1/24/19 Place of Conception: Unknown NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a regular session of the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, Children's Division, to be held on June 5, 2020 at 8:30 a.m., Br. 44, Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, located at 10201 Watertown Plank Road, City of Wauwatosa, County of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, there will be a hearing on a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights on the following: the adjudicated father of AR and AR, the alleged father of BR; and any unknown father(s) of AR, AR, or BR. It is possible this hearing will be conducted by telephone. To ascertain whether the hearing will be conducted in person or telephonically, you must call 414-257-7973 48 hours prior to the hearing. If the hearing is to be held in person, you must personally appear at the location, date and time listed above. If the hearing is by telephone, you must contact the Branch 44 clerk at 414-2576448 to check-in for the hearing on the date and time listed above. Be prepared to provide a telephone number at which you can be reached by the court. IF YOU FAIL to call in to the court as instructed or fail to personally appear at subsequent hearings, the court may hear testimony in support of the allegations in the attached petition and grant the request of the petitioner to terminate your parental rights. You have the right to be represented by an attorney; and if you cannot afford an attorney, one may be appointed by the State Public Defender's Office by contacting said office at (414) 266-1210. If the court terminates parental rights, Notice of Intent to Pursue Relief from the Judgment must be filed in the trial court within thirty (30) days after the judgment is entered for the right to pursue such relief to be preserved. Petitioner's Attorney: Rebecca A Kiefer Assistant District Attorney State Bar No. 1045740 10201 Watertown Plank Road Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226 Telephone No. (414)-257-7725 WITNESS, the Honorable Gwendolyn Connolly, Branch 44, of the Circuit Court of said County, at Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, this 14th day of May, 2020. Tammy Kruczynski Clerk of Circuit Courts 11887375/5-22

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