Public Notice Advertising

Businesses and individuals rely on The Daily Reporter to publish vital notices required by courts and statutes, many of which relate to lawsuit filings, financial and credit matters and other transactions. These include small and large claims summonses, Sheriff's sales (property foreclosures), notices in replevin (vehicle reposessions), probate filings, and other notices to creditors and debtors. Individuals also publish notices, required by statute, relating to such matters as name changes and child custody decisions.

Since 1897, as the designated official newspaper for the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, The Daily Reporter publishes a wide variety of notices required by state and federal statutes and regulations. Those notices include proposed city and county ordinances, tax and budget information, tavern applications, and bid invitations. The Daily Reporter also publishes notices from state and local agencies, including the state Department of Transportation, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the Milwaukee Public Schools, the Milwaukee Area Technical College and other local governments in southeast Wisconsin and across the state. provides an online database of all public and legal notices published in our print editions, including archives.

Our Services

Our expert staff can handle all of your publication needs from typesetting and proofing to billing, publication and filing the affidavit.

Send us a copy of your invoice via email: or fax: 414-276-8057. Please be sure to include the contact name and phone number. For rates, other information or questions about public notices, please call customer service at 414-225-1801.